SMS text message based chat for service and support with Salesforce Service Cloud

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Text messaging is the most widely used data application, with 3.5 billion active users worldwide and 92% of US smartphone owners using SMS. Your customers and agents are already familiar with text messaging. SMS is also a one-on-one channel, allowing for a personal interaction with agent and customer.

More Productive Agents with Lower Costs per Interaction

It takes a consumer an average of 90 seconds to respond to a text message. It takes 2.5 days for a consumer to respond to an email. Agents and customers can engage in conversation at the pace that they choose, allowing agents to respond during times where traditional channels are slower. This results in improved first touch resolution metrics.

Trusted Platform

We partner with leaders in the service and telephony solutions spaces. Salesforce's Service cloud is the world's #1 customer service app. Twilio is the leading cloud communications company, providing the back-end for sending and receiving text messages. We stand on the shoulders of giants, leveraging the best in breed of technologies.

SMS is part of a successful multi-channel strategy.

Are you responding to your customers on a channel where they want to interact?

Minimal agent training required.

Any agent, anywhere can respond to customers. They don't need to be near a phone, only a device with a web browser. No custom app development or customer downloads are needed.

Customer service that is as easy as texting a friend.

The Aberdeen Group found that time to issue resolution is the #1 barrier to customer satisfaction. Solve customers issues faster with SMSupport and make your customers happier.