SMS text message based chat for service and support with Salesforce Service Cloud

How much is SMSupport?
$19 per user per month. Note that you also require a Salesforce subscription and a Twilio account with a Twilio number (see below for more information.) Discounts are available for registered charities and non-profits.
Do I need to purchase SMSupport for every user I have in Salesforce?
No. You only need to purchase SMSupport for agents who will be using the SMSupport console to send and receive text messages with customers. All users will be able to see the interaction history between your agents using SMSupport and your customers regardless of whether they have an SMSupport license or not.
Why do I need Salesforce to use SMSupport?
Salesforce's Service Cloud is the world's #1 support software. SMSupport adds text messaging to Salesforce's already available channels (e.g. phone, e-mail, web chat) so all of your archived interactions and metrics from all channels are all in one place, so you have a single view of the customer. They also provide a trusted application platform.
What editions of Salesforce work with SMSupport?
Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer editions. Note that you also need to have an available Site (Developer Edition comes with one Site and the other compatible editions come with 25.)
Why do I need Twilio to use SMSupport?
Twilio provides the back-end for sending and receiving SMS text messages with SMSupport. Twilio is the leader in the cloud communication space and powers customers like Forbes, Fas.
Can I get a Twilio phone number in my area? How much does sending and receiving text messages cost?
See Twilio's pricing page for per country availability and monthly pricing for numbers and per message pricing for sending and receiving text messages in specific countries. Note that you can also purchase SMS short codes or use toll free numbers in certain areas.
Can I use my existing support number with SMSupport?
SMSupport requires a Twilio phone number for text messaging. Some US numbers can be ported to Twilio.
Can I send images via text message?
Not quite yet. Twilio recently added MMS support, but only in very few test regions.
Can I use multiple numbers in different regions for sending and receiving text messages?
Yes, SMSupport allows you to use multiple Twilio numbers. Note that your end users may incur international SMS messaging fees if they are sending and receiving text messages to a number from a different country. See this page for more information on international text messaging.
How do I try SMSupport before buying it? Can I try it for free?
Yes. You can install a free, 30-day trial of SMSupport from the AppExchange. If you do not have Salesforce, you can set up a free 30-day trial account. If you do not have a Twilio account, you can try that for free, as well.
How do I get SMSupport?
Install it through the SMSupport AppExchange listing. Follow the User & Installation Guide to get started.
How do I know SMSupport is secure?
SMSupport is built on the world's #1 trusted platform, Salesforce. Salesforce requires that all applications listed on the AppExchange undergo a periodic, rigorous security review process and SMSupport is no exception.